Just Dreaming Surf Charters - Panaitan Island, West Java



Please download and return the following form PRIOR TO BOARDING

Please download our Terms and Conditions and return this form to us before departing. You can provide it to our crew as you board the boat.

All deposits made to Just Dreaming are NON REFUNDABLE and FULL PAYMENT for your trip is to be made 6 WEEKS prior to departure.

Conditions of Charter

Many thanks for joining our charter and crew to what hopefully will be an adventure full of surf and fun, with some great waves. We will try to make your trip as comfortable as possible on our boat but as you are probably aware ‘Just Dreaming’ although a reasonably large boat you will be living in close quarters with the other passengers so please be patient with each other and to heed Our Crews instructions and suggestions when required.

We would like to take this opportunity to explain a few DO’S & DON’TS whilst on board to ensure all have a great trip.

1. Although we have a comprehensive Medical kit on board, should a passenger be hurt beyond our ability to take care of him/her then it will be necessary to call the balance of the trip OFF so that we can get him/her to a Hospital so please do not get angry or ticked off if this happens as it could happen to be YOU: The Insurance policy you had to take on booking should cover you for this (dependent on the level you took out). We have not had to cancel a trip to date however there is always a first time.

2. We have tried to ensure that we have enough food, water and drinks for all on board based on our previous experience and as we are travelling into an uninhabited part of Indonesia space to carry to much is just not available. Each of you will receive 3 hearty meals per day, cans of soft drink, plenty of drinking water and cordial, snacks (chips, dip, fruit), tea/coffee. Beer is not included in your package but is available on request if you would notify Todd or the crew how much you may require we will accommodate you at your expense.

3. Drinking water will be supplied from sealed water bottles however the water in the hold and that in the barrels on the deck is not to be taken internally and is only for washing yourself. Again as space is of concern this washing water will be limited to 1/shower per day so please go easy on it. This has to last for the trip.

4. There is a bunk/bed below for each of you, but we also have inflatable mattresses for above deck which you are welcome to use, however we would ask you to pack them up and stow away when not in use.



1. The passenger acknowledges that sailing on a vessel in Indonesian waters and surfing or travelling to and from the vessel, including any stay whilst on land, has inherent risks and dangers to both the passenger’s health and the passenger’s goods, we therefore require you to take out travellers insurance.

2. The passenger acknowledges that he/she has read this document and the terms and conditions set forth on the brochure referred to in sub-paragraph (f) below and accepts all risks and dangers associated with the tour. The Tour Operator disclosed below shall not be responsible or liable for any injury, ill health, disease, death, damage, loss, delay, cost, expense, inconvenience, or loss of enjoyment suffered by any passenger or any person or corporation caused directly or indirectly arising from the following:

(a) Force majeure or other events beyond the Tour Operator’s control, including but not limited to war, civil disturbance, fire, floods, weathers, acts of God, acts of Government, strikes or industrial action:

(b) Accidents to or failure of machinery, equipment or transport:

(c) The negligence, acts or omission of any person contracted or employed by the Tour Operator to perform any duty or service:

(d) The Company and its servants reserve the right and shall not be liable, to cancel, make short a charter and return to it’s port should a situation arise that is deemed to be an emergency by it’s servants, without question:

(e) The inability of the Tour Operator to comply with any special request relating to age, medical conditions or physical disability of the passenger or any request for smoking or non smoking accommodation or seating:

(f) Any failure by the passenger to obtain a passport or visa or proper vaccinations:

(g) The failure by the Tour Operator to provide accommodation or services as represented on any web site or any advertising brochure:

(h) The passenger receiving improper or incorrect medical advice or attention or any delay in receipt of medical attention:

(i) The passenger being intoxicated or affected by drugs:

(j) Any food or beverages consumed by the passenger whilst on the tour:

(k) The passenger failing to comply with any instructions, tour information, or itinerary provided by the Tour Operator or the passenger failing to arrive in proper time for any transport or transfer:

(l) Refunds are not available for any reason and should a claim be valid then your Travel Insurance Company should be contacted as soon as possible.