Just Dreaming Surf Charters - Panaitan Island, West Java




  • Your flight will arrive at Jakarta International Airport.

  • Upon arrival at Jakarta International Airport, you will meet the Just Dreaming drivers in the Arrivals Hall at Gate 2, in front of Dunkin' Donuts store.

  • The drivers will then transfer you and your luggage to the awaiting Just Dreaming vans for the leisurely 2 - 3 hour drive south-west from Jakarta to Anyer Harbour.

  • During this drive, your driver can stop at any time at you desire to purchase food, drink, refreshments etc. These stops can also be used to purchase anything else you may wish to have for your days at sea, for example, film, memory cards, chocolate, snack foods etc.

  • Upon arrival in Anyer, depending on the time, you may be able to head to a local bar or restaurant to relax and have a meal/drink (not included in charter cost) while the crew takes your luggage to the boat and finalises details for your departure.

  • Once aboard Just Dreaming, the crew will go through all safety procedures and the do's/dont's aboard the boat, as well as cooking up a nice dinner before departure.

  • Just Dreaming will then depart Anyer Harbour that evening on high tide for the overnight trip, arriving at the first surf break early the following morning.

  • Once you arrive at Panaitan Island early that morning, your guide will ensure you are in the best possible waves considering the conditions.

  • Following this first surf, the rest of your 8 - 10 days at sea is entirely dependent on the surf conditions and your desires.

  • If there is a consistent ground swell, it may be as simple as making your way around the natural horseshoe bay, switching between waves as the wind changes. One Palm, Apocolypse, Illusions, Napalms, Indicators and Pussy's are all accessible inside the bay.

  • If it is small, or the winds are unpredictable, you might make your way outside the bay to surf different waves that our crew has the expertise to find and surf, some even on mainland Java. Angels, Croc 'n' Rolls, Ranger Station, Ranger's Rights, as well as many other waves, are found outside the bay.

  • Whatever the conditions, our crew will ensure you are surfing in the best waves possible for the entirety of your stay.

  • In between surfs, again, fulfilling your desires is our crew's mission: fishing, spearfishing, snorkelling, cliff jumping, island visits and exploration are all possibilities.

  • The fishing and snorkelling are fantastic and are often a favoured downtime activity. Guests and crew always catch fish, crabs and lobsters and Cookie ensures a fantastic meal is made of the catch.

  • In the very rare circumstance that both the surf and weather are below average, of course Just Dreaming is fitted out with a stereo and TV with an extensive music and DVD library to keep you entertained.

  • After 8 - 10 days of this amazing routine, you may make the decision the day before your trip concludes to sail to the volcano of Krakatoa which is still active. It is an incredible experience, but as this will take most of the day to reach please be prepared to miss out on surfing this day.

  • On the evening of your final day, Just Dreaming will begin the return trip to Anyer, arriving late at night/early the next morning.

  • The Just Dreaming drivers will then make the return trip with you back to Jakarta International Airport for your connecting flight or ongoing itinerary. 




Example Trip - July 2010

Perfect Barrels - One Palm


A Solid Day At Apocolypse

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